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    Waste Disposal can be rewarding
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    Help Rid Our Streets of UBC's and Get REWARD!
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    Plastic Bottles ARE RECYCLEABLE!
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    Help Rid Our Streets of Plastics and Get REWARD!
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    Prevent Flooding, Recycle your Waste!
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    Stop Waste Burning, Reduce Carbon Emissions!
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    At Vicfold Recyclers We call for Reduction in Air Pollution!
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    We Support Waste Managers; Unsung Heroes!
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    Stop Indiscriminate Waste Disposal
    We are at Risk of Dirty Water Ponds which are Consequential
    to Disease OUTBREAK. #cleanKwaraProject #ReduceReuseRecycle!

"A Recycled UBC (Can) can save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours, PET (Plastic Bottles) saves as much energy as burning it in the Incinerator...."
COO & Co-Founder, Amusa Oluwatoyin Folashade

Our Collection Model

We offer easy Door-to-Door Waste Recycling Service using an array of convenient collection models and passionate Waste Interceptors. We impact lives using the Instrumentality of the ENVIRONMENT.

Our Motivation

We are resolute to Contribute towards maintaining the Natural Ecological Balance of the environment, its Natural Systems and Resources. We have also taken up the challenge to see the earth go GREEN!

Why Recycle?

We are poised to reuse the materials in unwanted items to make new items. In this way, valuable resources that would otherwise contribute to pollution can be diverted away from Landfills and Incinerators and given a new lease of life in New Products.

Our Features

Who We Are...

Nigeria has a population of more than 170 million, about 14.5% of the total population are in the North Central. Due to the relative peace in Kwara State and migration of people from the North East due to Insurgency, about 2.95 million people in Kwara State, the business hub of North Central Nigeria. Nigeria being the most populous nation in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Its estimated that Ilorin the state capital gains about 100000 inhabitants every year and that it will reach 6.3 million inhabitants by 2050. Over a Thousand tons of waste is generated daily in Ilorin, which lack infrastructure to deal with it.

We aspire to be the leader in Recyclable Waste Management by exploring New Collection Methods and Technologies..

COO & Co-Founder, Amusa O. Folashade
About a quarter of this waste is collected by local authorities, this is indicated by the indiscriminate placement of waste in public places like road kerbs, walk ways etc. Only 10% are recovered as recyclable materials, mainly Metals courtesy local scavengers.
We aim to provide our subscribers with exceptional Waste Collection, Recycling Disposal Service that protect and Improve the Quality of Life in the communities we serve. Vicfold Recyclers will continue to be the "Distinguishable Difference" in Recyclable Materials Collection and Disposal Industry. These recycled products would meet four critical needs;
    Gives the Municipal Alternate means to Landfill.
    Help Reduce the rate at which Wastes are been dumped on Our Roads and Streets.
    Serve as a means of Livelihood for the Unemployed.
    Help Sensitize on the importance of Recycling and Reduction of Carbon Emission.

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